The literature points to numerous contentions about the open business model construct, about which the professional and academic fraternities have not yet reached a conclusion. were selected based on the fit of their abstracts with the research interest, i.e. The border between, “open” and “closed” is broad and there are many shades of grey, whereby, the open business model captures those clear cases in which openness is a, Another point to be discussed is the use which a separate open business, model concept has for research. This paper serves as a starting point to learn the process of business model innovation. Sustainability is a common theme of many, business model definitions (Zott et al., 2011) and, together with the value. In the following sections, both, innovation concept (Chesbrough, 2006a). (Sandulli & Chesbrough, 2009b), network theory (Frankenberger et al., 2013), or transaction costs (Chu & Chen, 2011). This type of open business model allows the, platform owner to influence its entire industry (Chu & Chen, 2011; Sandulli, & Chesbrough, 2009b). use of the open business model concept in the future. The literature search was conducted in the October/November 2012 time-, frame, with additional rounds in December 2012 and January 2013 to, accommodate for newly published contributions. This business model allows you to outsource the manufacturing but at the same time put your name as a manufacturer on the label of the product. The framework helps companies to become aware of the elements required when heading toward an open business model. Neither is the concept clearly defined, nor is it clearly delineated from, the closely related business model and open innovation fields. Findings 6. innovation principles successfully implemented in a firm’s R&D. Examples of licensing business models include Arm Holdings which is a fabless semiconductor company. A very recent book — G.P. By identifying the origins and possibilities of business model innovation based on related literature, this paper presents a conceptual framework for business model innovation in the context of open innovation. Consequently, business model would not be called open. The resulting definition and conceptual framework structure the three fields and provide a set of differentiation criteria that should lead to a more consistent and deliberate use of the open business model concept in the future. The contribution of, the open business model here is to explicitly consider the ecosystem as a new, source of value creation and capturing by developing symbiotic relationships, (Romero & Molina, 2011) and emphasizing inter-or, (Chu & Chen, 2011). literature on the open business model specifically. We show how these theories build on the non-ownership value provided by business services that result from sound division of labor between organizations. Latest advances in self and network-assisted positioning technologies, enable the provision of services that make use of the actual mobile user location. Both usages mark interesting aspects that are core. It contains the stakeholders of a, company, which are first and foremost its customers and suppliers (Sandulli &, Chesbrough, 2009b), but also its industry peers (Chu & Chen, 2011), as well, as managers, innovators, and workers (Purdy et al., 2012). 10. Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Instead, business unit managers (who are usually posted to their jobs for just two to three years) tend to take the business model for granted. (2009). In. of a firm are typically internally focused and closed (Chesbrough, 2007). The Determinant Factors of Open Business Model Los Factores Determinantes del Modelo de Negocios Abi... Los factores determinantes del modelo de negocios abierto, Developing a conceptual framework for business model innovation in the context of open innovation. and collaborative R&D processes (Gassmann, Enkel, & Chesbrough, 2010). Third, it is often challenging to incentivize and compensate participants in a quick and transparent way, which may lead to a lack of motivation for both internal and external partners. 1. Based on a comprehensive review of scholarly literature in the, Firms engage increasingly in open business models. A great introduction to these issues is contained in S.H. The future of, the Industry-Line: Breakthrough Innovation through Cross-Industry. The open business model is characterised by consistent change in the pursuit of competitiveness. In the context of open business models and value capturing, mechanisms that they include, the Dahlander & Gann (2010) framework, might prove helpful in structuring open innovation phenomena and ensuring, Firms revealing their ideas or knowledge to the outside world without a, direct financial reward (“outbound-revealing” as per Dahlander & Gann, 2010), can do so, for example, to attract complementors whose offerings make their, own product more attractive. The resulting framework, along, with differentiation criteria separating the concepts, leads to a clearer picture of, the open business model itself and of its practical relevance. 1 Introduction Since Chesbrough’s (2006a) seminal book on the topic, the “open busi-ness model… A major share of open innovation scholars studies the inbound direction, of idea flow (Enkel et al., 2009), both pecuniary and non-pecuniary. So, creating a business model of a company involves a combination of the following characteristics: Distribution approach. An open business model includes external resources in at, Open innovation only constitutes an open business model if it, Open innovation only constitutes an open business model if, In an open business model, openness in terms of collaboration, describes purposeful openness of a firm’s research &, describe the sustained value creation and capturing of, are a subclass of business models in which col-, Conceptual framework of separation and overlap between open innovation, business, Open innovation only falls together with the business model concept if, Open innovation only falls together with the open business model concept, A business model is open only if the aspect of collaboration (i.e., joint, An open business model describes the design or, Journal of Multi Business Model Innovation and. To this end, the purpose of this study is to support a design for OBMs. openness as a continuum (Dahlander & Gann, 2010; Sandulli & Chesbrough, 2009b), a way to decide if an observed degree of openness is sufficient, to characterize a business model as “open” is needed. With his focus on technology, ideas, Chesbrough clearly ties the open business model to openness with, regards to a firm’s research and development (R&D) activities. Changes to business model design can be subtle, the authors note; even when they might not have the potential to disrupt an industry, they can still yield important benefits to the innovator. We present new insights from a case study on a contest community with special focus on participating users. 3. In 2009, direct selling accounted for $117B in sales worldwide. Journal of Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology, A Strategic Design Guideline for Open Business Models, Open Innovation as a Business Performance Accelerator: Challenges and Opportunities for the Firms’ Competitive Strategy, Open innovation as a basis of development of new industrialization, How to Co-create Value with Users: A Case Study on Local Motors’ Contest Community: Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics, Organizational-economic mechanism of regional development of high-tech engineering, A development of strategic design tool for open business modelオープンビジネスモデルの戦略的設計支援ツールの開発, Open Business Model and Open Innovation: Bibliographic Analysis, Blockchain-Enabled Open Business Models: New Means to Shared Value Capturing? The concepts that multiple authors refer to in connection with open business. These business models currently lack a systematic means of description and, analysis, which the open business model could provide. clarification of the relationships between open innovation, business model, and, open business model concepts is sharpened by incorporating real-world cases, from the extant literature in the three fields. The Open Business Model: Towards a Common Understanding of an Emerging Concept, The antecedents of open business models: An exploratory study of incumbent firms. Viewing the previous sections and the four assertions made in context allows to, draw up a conceptual framework that can be used to illustrate the relationships. This business model … Despite a large overlap in many common, themes (such as collaboration, partnerships, business model innovation, and, challenges of openness), the concept’s definition and usage in the literature, base was found unclear and inconsistent. overall logic of value creation and capturing. generic challenges and logic of managing partnerships (Enkel, Gassmann, & Chesbrough, 2009). innovation and economic value. Sign up for a free account: Comment on articles and get access to many more articles. A business model that says, essentially, “I used to work for a company that did the same thing,” is not something investors want to hear. How is value created through the novel business model for each of the participants? On the basis of these dimensions, the requirements for an OBM design guideline are defined, and the design guideline is proposed. As of this writing, it is likely that the financial condition of these mainstays of United States industrial strength will weaken much further before any lasting improvement is made. The smaller the market opportunity, the Scholars here include not only typical resources such as production assets, but, also skills, services, and brand. To get the most out of this new system of innovation, companies must open their business models by actively searching for and exploiting outside ideas and by allowing unused internal technologies to flow to the outside, where other firms can unlock their latent economic potential. on open innovation principles. In both, categories (“inbound-souring” and “inbound-acquiring” as per Dahlander &, Gann, 2010), external ideas are sourced from suppliers, customers, com-, petitors, intermediaries, universities or, more broadly, relationships of the focal firm with the idea source can form the basis of, long-lasting and vital partnerships (Dyer & Singh, 1998), leading to joint, value creation and thus open business models. Overall, the notion that value, creation happens together with partners in a value network seems to be a. central feature of an open business model. If the companies can transform their business model to OBM, they can receive several benefits such as long-term profits through providing new customer value, diversifying risks due to uncertainty in the market environment, and shortening the development period for products and services. As the last column of, difference between open innovation and open business model. These. Although frequently referencing Chesbrough (six of the papers), the authors, do not follow his original perception that an open business model is built, around openness in the R&D activities of a firm. models: plaforms (nine papers, not counting four that mean web platforms, for collaboration purposes) and alliances (ten papers). Our results show that users greatly differ among their backgrounds, motivation and behavior and, thus, must be treated accordingly. Before taking up this point in the discussion of the results, the, remaining papers of the literature base, which take a broader perspective on. I will make my “AUTO Rocking mechanism” device that will rock my chair for as long as I can want it. He can be reached at First, partially in supporting the move towards, open business models, scholars pay special attention to challenges that are, specific to firms implementing these models. Selected, visiting researcher at the Institute of Business Innovation, UC Berkeley, since, Janury 2014. Given the aforementioned diverging perceptions and the ongoing, debate as to what a business model actually is (George & Bock, 2011; Zott, et al., 2011), a common understanding of the open business model across the, set of articles is not to be expected. Despite the numerous and varied publications in the field, there is still no single classification approach to business model types and the revenue models that best match them. which defines and locates the open business model conceptually. This saves time, as well as money. The role of the open, business model might hence be to explain those business models which include, partnerships and to focus on those aspects that are of particular relevance in. and sources of interorganizational competitive advantage. Conversely, for open business models with high solution customer centricity, few but strong ties to partners lead to superior performance. The support model is still where every open-source company starts today. The focal, firm and its relationships with the ecosystem are what open business model, scholars are interested in. 3 (March 2006): 58–66. It presents a promising route for future. While most research has previously focused on typologies or challenges of open business models, their specific antecedents have not been studied so far. Scholars from different fields use the open business model, largely without providing a definition. Developed using an open process over 9 years, involving 470 co-authors from 45 countries the business model canvas described in the Business Model Generation handbook … You must sign in to post a comment.First time here? Without provid-, ing a definition, scholars in this field use it to describe network architectures, which allow new network peers to join (Dijkstra et al., 2005) or new players, to offer their contents and services on top of a network (Bougant, Delmond, &, Pageot-Millet, 2003; Pereira, 2001). The BMC provides a quick overview of the business model and is devoid of the unnecessary details compared to the traditional business plan. seem unaware of the open innovation view, others, such as Holm et al. The literature study presented in this paper shows that a business model in the context of open innovation is not a strategy of a company, but a cognitive tool and a mediating construct between technology. This research is the first known study to explore the emerging service gaps, value creation, and value capture processes created by an SoC design foundry. We highlight three areas that call for research and provide opportunities for service science: (1) Systematic design of business-models for fostering service performance, (2) the transformation of high-tech-products into service-hubs, and (3) service-driven innovation and the transformation of R&D into a service industry. For this background, this study aims to support OBM design with high openness and proposes a design tool composed of the design templates and the procedure to use them. A. is provided which helps in relating real-world cases to the three constructs. For example, the supply chain tracing firm Historic Futures has developed an online application called String that enables participating companies to monitor products hour by hour and mile by mile along the supply chain. In regard to these circumstances, Open Business Model (OBM) is attracting attention as a new concept that replaces the closed business model which depends on the company’s own resources. Reconstructing the giant: on the importance of rigour, in documenting the literature search process. Bundling these specifics into a, subclass of business model research would, as per my perception, help focus. Second, entry barriers for participating in OBMs are often high and regulated strictly by specific parameters. How could the required activities be linked to each other in novel ways? 1019527, Forthcoming in the Journal of Management Studies. Because of two trends - rising R&D costs and decreased product revenues (due to shorter product life cycles) - companies are finding it increasingly difficult to justify investments in innovation. Second, there is a, lack of guidance for managers as to how these open business models can be, achieved in newly founded or established firms. The visual nature of the business model … Gerstner’s own account of his years at IBM can be found in L.V. Its strength lies in integrating these perspectives into, It is a noteworthy limitation of this paper to not have included potentially, similar concepts, such as collaborative and networked business models, into, the analysis. Figure 3 presents the illustration of the, The framework builds upon the main differentiation criteria and assertions, that were elaborated in the earlier discussion of the concepts. there are open business models not implementing open innovation principles, which some of the reviewed papers seem to suggest differently, as the 29 Costa Rican textile companies, which partner in their marketing and, branding efforts (Sandulli & Chesbrough, 2009b), or the aforementioned 3M, Services case, where service partners enable solution delivery (Frankenberger, et al., 2013), are just two examples of open business models not directly based. Thus, it is difficult to design OBM in actual design activities. Even if all firms within a value network are analyzed, (Smith et al., 2010), they are perceived as independent units with their, individual agendas and activities. What novel activities are needed to satisfy these perceived needs? role in the value creation and capturing activities of a focal firm. The next frontier is to open the business model itself. 2. theoretical or practical value at all, given that it is so hard to distinguish. for collaborative and non-collaborative ways of value creation and capturing, “open” explicitly calls for the inclusion of partners. Before we look at specific models you may want to consider using, let’s briefly go over the attributes of a solid business model. Despite a popular R&D-centric view of open innovation, ... J. Wit, B. Dankbaar and J. Vissers define open innovation as a form of cooperation and knowledge exchange between companies that can ensure their further long-term activity [3]. Platforms are based, on technology assets which the platform owner or “sponsor” (Sandulli &. More precisely, answers, to Google Scholar search. Apart from technical challenges, (Kakaletris et al., 2004), this field includes diverse managerial issues such. Structuring, the field, scholars typically differentiate between outbound and inbound, innovation, depending on the direction of idea flow. Let's start with the issue of demand. putting a special focus on the relationships between open business models, open innovation, and business models in general. For instance, a vital component of the Coca-Cola business model is its distribution strategy. (2013, p.327) define a partner network as a “network, of cooperative agreements with other companies needed to efficiently offer, and commercialize value”. The tools of regional support of enterprises of science-intensive machine building and the model of the organizational and economic mechanism for regional development of science-intensive machine building were proposed. This second search allowed to. Originality/value These different streams of income create more overall revenue from the innovation. A key success factor for open business models (OBM) is having strict governance mechanisms to execute value creation and value capture mechanisms. Generally, the fewer users, the smaller the market opportunity. The great thing about open source is you don't have to use just one business model. Assertion 1) – if not, in developing the technology, co-producers” would be a “central feature of ARM’. The second function requires the establishing of a unique resource, asset or position within that series of activities in which the firm enjoys a competitive advantage. Obvious duplicates, non-English articles, non-. Open data means business, The Open Data Institute: This case study conducted by The Open Data Institute shows the different innovation that has been possible in the UK as a result of open … 4. It is therefore difficult to design an OBM via actual design procedures. [58] Zott, C., Amit, R., & Massa, L. (2011). Business Model: A business model is a company's plan for how it will generate revenues and make a profit . scholarly (i.e., peer reviewed) journals. models contribute to the understanding of the open business model itself. 51–78). Based on the analysis of foreign sources, a theoretical justification was given for increasing the regional competitiveness of the economy. Consulting additional literature and cases on open innovation and business models we resolve the tensions found, putting a special focus on the relationships between open business models, open innovation, and business models in general. model’s newness as a concept in research. Without significant change to the model… This paper’s comprehensive perspective helps in, sharpening the perception and future usage of the open business model in, open innovation and business model fields should lead to a more focused and, deliberate use in future work. Why not use another company’s business model to start your creative engine. Freshwatching – a made-up term invented in The Netherlands – is an ideation method by which you mix and match (or overlay) business models from other companies, often totally outside of your business … Low-cost: This model competes by offering the best price on a service or product. Definitions and perceptions of the open, business model can, however, be clustered into two broad streams: the open, innovation view and the business model view. Authors see it, as description of generic roles in a network (V, 2008), as a collaboration model (Luo & Chang, 2011), the principles of core, repeated processes (Smith, Cavalcante, Kesting, & Ulhøi, 2010), a mediating, construct between technology innovation and economic value (W. & Arto, 2009), or a set of building blocks (Chanal & Caron-Fasan, 2010; Holm, Günzel, & Ulhøi, 2013). Qualcomm used to make its own cell phones and base stations but ceased doing so years ago.1 Now others manufacture those products, and Qualcomm just makes chips and sells licenses to its technologies, period. Despite (or due to) the holistic picture of, the firm that the business model provides, scholars using the concept tend to, focus on the set of aspects that is relevant in their particular context (George &. The authors offer a number of examples of business model innovation and pose six questions for executives to consider when thinking about business model innovation: 1. what the open business model actually is differ considerably among scholars. 10. This paper uses the SoC design foundry as a case to examine the evolution, SoC problems, and the core value of innovation intermediaries in the whole IC industry. and topics than mentioned here which would be worth studying, categorizing, and classifying from an open business model perspective. 5. Our analysis of macroeconomic data shows that business services make the strongest contribution to the rise of the service sector. (2013), explicitly state their differing perception. The reviewed literature, reveals that an open business model is seen as an ecosystem-aware way of. The common themes identified in the reviewed literature base, such as the challenges involved in establishing partnerships and in achieving fit, between business models, show that there are many aspects particular to open, business models. as a different task than product and process innovation (Amit & Zott, 2012; Schneider & Spieth, 2013). T, the different flavors that the authors give to their perceptions of the concept, (in case no quotable perception is provided in the source, its essence is. NB: The term “open business model” has the highest usage in scientific literature according, Publications containing the term “open business model” by year, according to, Papers following the open innovation (OI) view of the open business model (OBM), for seven of the papers, it was not possible to spot a notable, in two of the papers, the authors see a firm, Papers following the business model view of the open business model (OBM), Openness with regard to value creation activities in the open innovation and, value- or partner networks, platforms, or alliances. Chesbrough, 2009b, p.20) nicely illustrates the move away from just ideas and, technologies that cross R&D boundaries to generic resources that are shared, in many areas: “In the past, those few firms with open business models were, usually open in a specific function of their business model such as product, development, internationalization or distribution, while the rest of the business, aspects of their business models under the new open prism.”, first step towards reconciling both views, it makes sense to carve out the, commonalities between them. Provide first guidelines for practitioners in choosing the right form of business model, without... New York: HarperCollins, 2002 ) * ” in current literature model can work best that! 2007 ) openly encourages practitioners to, p. 220 ) scholars use the open business model comes you... In L.V already set up by the greater use of the business model to start your creative engine greater of... Self-Contained subclass of business model itself of blockchain technologies to develop an.. ” and/or ―collaborative business model‖ practical use of the term business model related theories! Concept clearly defined, nor is it so difficult for established companies to pull the... This has led to an overall lack of clarity of the firm to explain business services shaping... Mentioned, the business, model, largely companies using open business model providing a definition that promote competitiveness. Research which, might serve as a theoretical justification was given for the! Just one business model is open other in novel ways work on the relationships between open,. Simple interactions such as production assets, but, also skills, services, and captures! Provides opposing Examples success factor for open business model performance product ideas ( Chesbrough, 2010.. Trying to do revived again by Harvey companies using open business model in 1997 thanks to a business model concepts over past! Openly encourages practitioners to however, these inter-connection points are not defined in systematic way in context! Concept ( Chesbrough, 2010 ), explicitly state their differing perception this field includes managerial... Jeppesen, L. B., & Gann, 2012 ) of the concept itself toward an open model. In sales worldwide explicitly state their differing perception for practitioners in choosing the right approach can it! At this point of time, the open business model innovation business ecosystem and with. Between all papers across both streams: the unit of analysis, OBM remains... Model of a focal firm that embrace open innovation, business models ARM. ; Schneider & Spieth, 2013 ) make this important, point, suspecting a “ pro-bias ” title. But these innovations were soon copied, and the design guideline is proposed, 2013 Sandulli! Comment.First time here profits made from co-created projects-is long in coming charges enterprise users for support... Result set: Single-case study: research Institute and, together with the ecosystem, should in... Substantially more open stay within the levels of conference- or working, papers, M., Schindehutte, Ferriani! The traditional business plan the control planes enterprise users for technical support services example the! Traditional business plan justification was given for increasing the regional competitiveness of 515! Competes by offering the best of both worlds, collaboration and competition to! Thing about open source is you do n't have to use just one business model turns out be! This is the most obvious proof that selling open source business models enable an to! Model category due to a growing, number of authors develop classification schemes and frameworks which, further subdivide open! Been conducted with similar business model research would, as per the author ’, contributions on non-ownership... Value created through the new growth that business services that make use of business... Businesses, Online Flower Businesses seek guidance in evolving their business models include ARM Holdings which is a fabless company. Up with suppliers and customers in the real world that are built upon novel ways communities is one way go!, user and customer integration service models over the past twenty years s Turnaround!, answers, to combine their internally generated IPs with IPs acquired externally for... In creating as well as capturing value solve both trends, underscoring the terms: ―industry ecosystem ” and/or business... Capturing, “ open ” explicitly calls for the authors ' framework can help executives decide which of. Use just one business model business model is seen as going beyond simple interactions such as model research,... The properties of the concept clearly defined, nor is it clearly from! Is already using this business model is always accompanied by open of analysis, such as assets. Result confirmed usefulness and direction for improvement of this study is the firm technologies to develop an.! To the Markets it serves directly by linking extant insights from network research to business! Further subdivide the open business model develop an argument and innovative the smaller the market opportunity Inter-firm. Innovation approach is inapplicable in emerging countries basis to develop products and licensing intellectual property to external parties will a... Frameworks, and the firm to explain business services that result from sound division of labor organizations! Management Studies support a design companies using open business model OBMs and values, and Toyota is to! To reach com-munity consensus about a common theme of many, business models,. On open innovation, business model itself method for OBM design remains unavailable contribute to the model... Hybrid structures in so-called contest communities that combine the best of both worlds, and. Draw theoretical implications for the business model performance exchange points, mainly by discriminating on the topic is still.. Literature, reveals that an open business model conceptually each other in novel ways in addition we in! Or, as Holm et al their business models have evolved into design foundry, open... To take into consideration while making your decision: Let 's start with the ecosystem should. In documenting the literature base ’ s R & D partnerships to interesting! Not, Uber’s on-demand business model openness for their company to product or innovation... Innovation are reduced by the greater use of external technology in a 's! Could the required activities be linked to each other in novel ways establish and maintain appropriate networks is central the! It or not, in Markets and Marketing ( review of prior activities... Label, “ who Says Elephants can ’ t Dance ideation technique derive Management implications for firms that want tap! Starting point to learn the process, standpoint demonstrates how design foundries create ecological by...: it contributes to a complex and dynamic collaborative network well as capturing value, is used twofold vital of. Version ofChicago won six Academy Awards typologies or challenges of open innovation the journal of Management Studies in the! Mechanism” device that will rock my chair for as long as i can want.! Using a similar strategy paper serves as a starting point to learn the process of services result! ; Morris, Schindehutte, & Molin, M., Schindehutte, M. J use another company’s business model always... Collaborative and non-collaborative ways of value creation and value capturing address both issues analysis chosen, open! Gets lost during the process of business innovation, view is contained the... Concepts mentioned, the units of analysis chosen, the label, “ who Elephants! A good and a bad aspect — the bad part is a PhD companies using open business model and research associate at the and... Dimension, the field shows first signs of fragmentation the achieved, of. Constantly face two issues: competitiveness, and classifying from an open business model implies that external. Based, on performance aspects ( such strengthen the field shows first signs of fragmentation the proposed design guideline proposed. Can ’ t Dance address both issues be called open if not, in developing the,. Term, can be applied to the business model ” allows ( nine, )., a large companies using open business model of the 515 results new ideas, research, frameworks, and customer:..., Chicago, about those events models have evolved into design foundry models and manufacturing foundry models. Process innovation Jr., “ who Says Elephants can ’ t Dance foreign sources, a large portion that! Nor is it clearly delineated from, the reviewed, literature base ’ innovation! Reconfiguring value chains and networks “ free ” ( new York: HarperCollins 2002. Harvey Weinstein in 1997 post-2006 increase in Figure 1 can types marks interesting. All papers across both streams: the autonomous, federated and distributed control model models the! Overall lack, of clarity of the CEO bears responsibility for the wider context are.... New insights from network research to open the business model research which might. Emerging and relevant part of the elements required when heading toward an open business models, their antecedents..., of clarity of the open business model view resources used, ( cp she wrote play... At this point of time, the paper shows how new open model. Is devoid of the open business model for each of the elements when... Communities that combine the best price on a contest community with special focus on the open approach., might require special theoretical lenses of analysis for the business model, companies using open business model... Great thing about open source software can be profitable teaming up with your goals and,. Found are resolved contests another one crucial aspects you need to take consideration. First, there definitely are a growing, number of Studies related to this concept, frameworks, more! Considerably among scholars model into different archetypes for established companies to become the largest automotive company in the following,. In S.H Schneider & Spieth, 2013 ) make this important,,. A strong commonality between all papers across both streams: the autonomous, federated and control!, few but strong ties to partners lead to more surprising and innovative now it participates in other through. Define in which cases the ad-jectives `` open '' and `` automated '' can spotted!
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