The highlands open up for active adventures granting an all-access pass throughout the country. Photo from Snowmobile Adventure at Langjokull Glacier. In regards of shoes, sneakers or anything comfortable definitely does the job in Reykjavik but it’s recommended to have hiking shoes or something more sturdy for your adventures out of the city. Iceland’s weather during July July is the warmest month in Iceland that comes with the least variation. Home of summer: California. So, if you ever want to see this colorful creature sometime in your life then visit Iceland sometime between April and September – and hop on a puffin tour! Can I see the Nor... Where can you find Iceland's glacier lagoons? There are normally 6 hours of bright sunshine each day in Reykjavik, Iceland in July … Here are some of my best recommendations: This little gem of a tour is ranked at the #1 food & drink activity to experience in Reykjavik with over 3.000+ 5 star reviews! Hike in national parks. Where do you need to travel to find the most spectacular waterfalls? Iceland’s temperatures in July are on average around 9°C – 14°C/48°F – … Here are some weather statistics about the weather in Iceland during July: The average temperature in Iceland in July is 11°C (52F) with daily averages from 9-13°C. We hope this post is helpful, inspiring and even got you a little more excited to visit our country! From self-drive itineraries to combo tours, Guide to Iceland offers something for everybody. Horseriding tours can be taken all over the country; many leave from Reykjavík while others leave from Northern destinations like Húsavík. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Iceland in June: Drive the Ring Road around the island. The Lung-A festival, additionally, is a weeklong workshop-based international art festival for youngsters. Those are the Golden Circle and the South Coast. And the most beautiful part about it, the days in July are still super bright with long daylight hours! Those over 45 who smoke a pipe or drink heavily may need a health certificate. A grand, continuously updated database of Iceland… The average weather during this season lies between 15° C to 20°C. Everything you need to know about planning a July trip to Iceland. Guided packages, on the other hand, equip you with a guide in a bus, and somewhat more structured days on the open road. of June, when the sun is up for 24 hours but this beautiful phenomenal lasts for almost the whole summer. When visiting Iceland, it is of course an absolute must to experience the Icelandic nature. Sign up for a hiking tour. Continue... See a selection of wonderful photographs that capture the magic of the Northern Lights throughout Iceland. July temperatures average in the 8-13 degrees Celsius range and can reach upto a scorching (for the locals, of course) 20 degrees Celsius. After all, I guess that’s what you are all here for, right? The Eistnaflug festival, in contrast, is a heavy metal festival that takes place July 11-July 14. Average temperatures will be between nine up to 14 degrees Celsius or 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Are they for swimming, wading and surfing, or just for enjoying in a safe distance from the powerful tides? Over half of the world´s population of the Atlantic Puffin breeds in Iceland. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones taken in account. All kind of tours except … Though sunset is a bit earlier than it is in June, it’s still averages around 11pm, with sunrise the next day at a very early 3:23am. July is summertime here in Iceland and thus characterized by long periods of sunlight and is one of the months when you are most likely to experience the Midnight Sun. I'm hopeful, but prepared to postpone for another year. To make a full day out of a lava-caving tour, you can combine it with this exploration of the South Coast of Iceland, which includes a glacier hike and an option to take a fat bike ride. Adolescent sheep graze in endless meadows. For example, this twelve-day package will take you in a circle around the country, and includes the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, whereas this tour is packed with activities and covers the Ring Road in half the time. Find out everything about the Reykjavik Food Walk or secure your tour here! Is the sea cold around Iceland in July? July is the absolute best time but the main Whale season in Iceland is from April to mid-October! If you are planning your Iceland summer holiday in July, I am happy for you! These packages generally range from eight to fourteen days, depending on what you want to see. But if rather than going it alone, you prefer to take a tour (or a series of tours! July in Iceland means that you can travel around this small island in the North Atlantic without facing winter's hazardous driving conditions and brutal weather. Enjoy the freedom of a road trip, but with a helping hand. You might also consider throwing on a pair of sunglasses since the sun reflecting off of the snow and ice can be blinding. Are you ready for even more ideas of fun things to do in Iceland? Slightly ahead of summer, in May 2018, the south of Iceland experienced sporadic hailstorms, for example, even on miraculously sunny days. At both of these sites, you can hike to find the most spectacular viewpoints--and, of course--to bathe in gorgeous hot-springs. And all is good in the world. What is there to do and see in Iceland in July? Continue reading for all you need to know about your summer vacation in Iceland. Even though you can still wander around the Golden Circle and other popular sites, summer in Iceland is the optimal time to visit destinations that are usually more difficult to access. For example, if you want to travel the Ring Road, but don't have time to hit all the sites, we offer a  five-day package that will allow you to enjoy the s Golden Circle and South Coast in-depth, including time at Skaftafell Nature Reserve and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Yes, that is pretty cold still considering you will be surrounded by icebergs, glaciers, … The average weather during this season lies between 15° C to 20°C. The average … This gait is very smooth since there's no suspension between strides, and rumour has it that you can drink water from a glass without spilling while in this gait. June, July and August are some of the best times to visit the country. The highlands open up for active adventures granting an all-access … Driving in Iceland is easy and camping is one of the local favourites. Iceland in July weather is great for exploring Iceland’s outdoor and natural wonders, of countryside locations, hiking, seeing animals … It’s not every day you can be so up and close to these gentle giants in their natural environment, so if you’re traveling to Iceland, make sure get yourself on one of them boats! The options are endless, and the days are long enough to facilitate an action-packed itinerary. The locals flock out of their villages to enjoy both. However, in order to take a snorkelling or diving tour, you'll need to meet a few basic requirements (see table). The Westfjords are well-nigh impossible to reach in winter. The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is located in Western Iceland, about a … You will go out and explore 4 of the best beer venues in Reykjavik, hear awesome stories, meet fun people and most importantly … try over 10 fantastic and seasonal Icelandic beers! Campsites across the country are open to guests seeking some fresh air and a respite from the quotidian. This is perfect to explore even more, stay out late or even plan your excursions, road trips or hikes late at night where no-one else is around. A number of festivals take place in eastern Iceland during July, with a particular concentration in Seydisfjörður. An opportunity that only exists in Iceland in June and July is sightseeing beneath the midnight sun. Daily high temperatures are around 56°F, rarely falling below 51°F or exceeding 62°F.The highest daily average high temperature is 57°F on July 30.. Daily low temperatures are around 48°F, rarely falling below 43°F or exceeding 53°F.The highest daily average low temperature is 49°F on July 26.. For reference, on July … Camping is an affordable travel option for those on a budget in Iceland. If the midnight sun is out, does that mean I won't be able to see the Northern Lights? What are the most stunning glacier lagoons in Iceland, and are there any hidden where you can avoid the crowds? How sunny is it in Iceland in July? The average temperature in Iceland is July is 10-13°C, 50-55°F. Iceland has always been a perfect vacation spot during summer especially in the month of July. Are the pictures of vast blue lakes fill... Where are Iceland's most beautiful beaches? The weather is very variable, but expect anything between 10 and 20 degrees, rain, sunshine, wind. There are few things more spectacular than whale watching in Iceland in July, when incredible creatures like minke whales, humpback whales, and even sperm, fin, and blue whales have returned from their summer breeding grounds to feed off the coast of Iceland. Whale Watching is a fun, safe and cruelty-free experience that should not be missed out on while in Iceland during the summer! Weather in Iceland in July is very similar to the weather in June. To plan efficiently, however, count on temperatures hovering around 10° Celsius. Not because it's warmer—although it does sometimes reach a scorching 15 degrees—but because the roads are open, the weather is comparatively mild, and all manner of tour are open to visitors (except, of course, for Northern Lights tours, since the Northern Lights are not visible in July, although they're still above you, dancing). Individuals with circulatory, respiratory or neurological conditions may not be permitted to dive without a health certificate or waiver. On your second day, you take the essential Golden Circle tour, but you combine it with a lava caving adventure! Weather in Iceland in July The average daytime temperature in July is 55 °F (13 °C), but it can reach up to 68 °F (20°C). There is a term in Icelandic called “Peysuveður” which literally translates to “Sweater weather”. There are endless activities both in Reykjavík and in Iceland more broadly in July. Adventuring in solitude in Iceland is a deeply fulfilling, meditative activity—a perfect time for introspection and careful consideration of the world around you. From July 1, the sun isn't visible from 23:56 to 03:06 (although the sky will still be very light), while on the 31st, it will set at 22:33 and rise at 04:31. In my opinion, a trip to Iceland without a little hike is a rookie mistake that should be avoided at all costs! August: the midnight sun phenomenon is not present anymore; the daylight then decreases down to 15-16 hours per day. In the Reykjavik Food Walk you will walk all around down town Reykjavik, hear fun local stories, visit 6 Icelandic restaurant, taste over 10 local cuisines and experience all the highlights of Reykjavik. You can add extra activities to your day, too; our most popular additions include glacier hiking, whale watching, and a boat tour on Jökulsárlón. In the Westfjords during the first weekend in July, you'll find the Rauðasandur Festival, which takes place on the beautiful red-sand beach under the midnight sun. July boasts Iceland s warmest temperatures with average highs around 14 degrees Celsius (57 F) and average lows of 9 degrees Celsius (48 F). Iceland’s weather during July July is the warmest month in Iceland that comes with the least variation. Outdoorsy types will be overjoyed to visit the Highlands, pitch a tent in an authorized camping zone, and take in the joy and calm of Iceland's quiet summer valleys. There are also shorter camping self-driving tours, where you can see the Golden Circle and South Coast (to Jökulsárlón) over five days, or the Golden Circle and glaciers over four. You stay within cabins along the route. Let me help you make your trip to Iceland absolutely unforgettable! Iceland is serenely beautiful in the long summer days, illuminated by the midnight sun. They return to the island in June and stay until August, making July the optimal time to spot them. There's no shortage of activities in summer. In the last weekend of July, you can head to the western town of Reykholt for their Chamber Music Festival. Iceland’s weather in July is usually quite mild, without the high wind speeds or the chill of the other, colder months. When does the midnight sun take place in Iceland? Despite its rainy tendencies, though, Iceland in July is noted for its crystal-blue skies an bright days, which exude a sort of optimism, making everything seem more possible. I visited Iceland in July, and can tell you it can go from sunny and bright to moody very quickly! Let’s begin by looking into self-drive tours. As the numbers rise, my heart sinks … What is the weather actually like in Iceland in high summer? Photo from Raufarholshellir | Standard Lava Tunnel Tour. Icelandic horses are treated humanely, and, if you haven't heard, they have a special gait, called tölt; when the horse is tölt-ing, it will always have one foot on the ground. On your penultimate day in Iceland, you will elect to see more of the glaciers and take a tour of snowmobiling on Langjökull. Iceland is home to one of the world’s largest colonies of puffins. The snow that blocked the entrances of many caves in winter and the ice on the ground that made them hazardous to traverse will have melted. That means that July presents a unique opportunity to see them. These little cuties can be found in various places around Iceland and are the most unique creatures to lay your eyes on! Discover a wide range of Mountain Tours Why not join this Mo... What are the most popular things to see and do in May in Iceland? Four days of good quality rock and roll! The total population of puffins in Iceland is estimated to be between 8 and 10 million birds. Second to that, of course, is, that the algae decorate—the fissure between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates—is in full bloom, offering a doubly colourful adventure. The rules for travel to EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland will stay the same until 31 December 2020. Almost all roads and trails are open to being traversed, and the Highlands are home to respectful travellers in 4x4 vehicles. Here … It’s no surprise that July (along with June and August) is one of the most popular times to visit Iceland. Liked the article? The hike usually takes between five and six days, but you can complete individual lengths of the hike in three or four days. The roads in the east, for example, aren't open reliably in autumn, winter, and spring because of snow, flooding, and potential avalanches. How do you sleep during the... Iceland is a country of many amazing waterfalls, but which are the best ones? Fleece and wool are your best friends in Iceland during July and a pair of gloves are nice for evening hours. The summer equinox is on June 21; at that point, the sun begins to go down 1-3 minutes a day earlier, so by the end of the month, the sun will set for a few hours in the early morning. Here's one possible agenda for you to consider: On day one, you arrive at Keflavík Airport and take the Flybus to the Blue Lagoon. These packages give you the freedom to travel to all of the sites you want, without all the worry about organisation. Sure hiking … Sounds like heaven, right? Puffins are, of course, another story, since thousands of them congregate around the country every year, particularly in places like Látrabjarg in the Westfjords, Dyrhólaey in the south, and the Tjörnes Peninsula in the north. While not exactly tropical, the mild weather and abundant daylight allow you to make the most out of the Icelandic summer. That way, if you are out of contact or away longer than you said you would be, search and rescue can take measures to locate you. Snorkelling tours are available in our packages, including the Golden Circle and lava caving. Iceland weather in July is perfect as it is the month with the least rainfall and the most hours of sunlight. July is the main summer month in Iceland with average temperature of 10,6°C (51°F), it is usually warmer than that and sometimes the temperature goes as high as 20°C (68°F) or higher. Iceland’s temperatures in July are on average around 9 °C – 14°C/48°F – 57°F. Yes, that is … With 3.7in over 14 … Sunlight in Iceland in July Firstly, the sun does not shine all night in July, although the 3 AM twilight might qualify as sunlight. Those with a passion for photography might be interested in this 10-day photography workshop through the country’s incredible landscapes by night—and never run out of new light to play with. The temperature even sometimes reaches a whopping 20°C / 55F and when that happens, Icelanders simply call in sick for work and spend that day outside, laying in the sun! That’s the ultimate Icelandic festival look! The highs and lows of Iceland in July The average temperature in Iceland is July is 10-13°C, 50-55°F. Answer 1 of 50: What do you think that an Iceland trip planned for July 2020 will go forward? The variety of great tours is also at its highest and many places that are not accessible in winter become popular destinations. In the East Fjords, there's a horse-riding tour that's conducted exclusively in July, and will introduce you to many beautiful sites around the area. The midnight sun peaks at the 20th. But remember that, when camping in Iceland, there are still rules to follow; a great rule of thumb is that if it will damage nature in any way or violate property lines, you shouldn't do it. For example, though Lake Mývatn can be explored year-round, places like the Víti crater (yes, víti means hell in Icelandic) and the dramatic Krafla lava fields are fully accessible in July. However, the average temperature in Iceland during summer is only 10°C (50 Fahrenheit) and the absolute warmest it gets is 20°C (68 F… It is safe to pack light when visiting Iceland in July but make sure to also bring your coat / warm weather and preferably something rain and wind proof – as you will never know what adventures you might find yourself in. One imagines that Iceland's beautiful summers might have awaked the Norse imagination of the future on this volcanic island in the North Atlantic. If you prefer volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers, Iceland is the best choice. Even at that point, however, it won't be dark enough to see the Northern Lights without specialised equipment. August: the midnight sun phenomenon is not present anymore; the daylight then decreases down to 15 … Further, you're able to snorkel in either a wetsuit or a drysuit, but because of the frigid temperatures, you can only dive in a drysuit. There you can see amazing waterfalls, powerful Geysir’s, beautiful national parks, black sand beaches and more! Few ships will return to drydock without spotting some seals, dolphins, or porpoises. We hope to see you soon in one of our tours! Climate in Iceland in july Climate in Reykjavik in july. Landmannalaugar, Fimmvörðháls, Þórsmörk, Mývatn, Mount Snæfell and Reykjadalur, all offer trails that can be hiked in a single day, to name a few. July is one of the warmest months of the year, with very long days, lot’s of fun festivals and perfect for road trips, hikes, camping, glacier excursions and all the other Iceland adventures that you can imagine. The same is true of Iceland’s puffins. Iceland Weather in July Iceland weather in July is perfect as it is the month with the least rainfall and the most hours of sunlight. On average the country sees a range between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit, though some days the mercury can spike up to 68 degrees. There are many camping grounds spread all over the country and it’s definitely the cheapest accommodation you’ll find! Delivers comprehensive content on all of the main topics of discourse in Iceland at each time: in cultural life, politics or general social affairs. In general, it's light out all day and bright most of the night, the weather is reasonably calm--hovering between 10 and 15 degrees--but there are a few things to watch out for. Are you looking for an evening activity and would you want to experience an absolutely awesome night out in Reykjavik? July is Iceland’s warmest month of the year with the least amount of rainfall making it your best bet for decent weather. ), we've got a lot of suggestions for planning your trip. On weekday evenings, starting at 5 o’clock, the Reykjavik Beer Tour takes place and get’s people from all over the world together for brilliant night out!​. If you would like to hear some suggestions about anything else, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the section below and we will get right back to you! The most renowned route is the famous Laugavegur and Fimmvörðháls trail, which takes you from the spectacular highland region of Landmannalaugar to the verdant ‘Valley of Thor’, Þórsmörk. And it doesn’t get more adventurous than camping in Iceland! For those interested in a little adrenaline & exploring Iceland in a faster, more adventurous way I cannot recommend ATV mountain tours enough. Find our small handpicked list of the best day tours from Reykjavik HERE. Despite having occasional rain drops, July remains quite warm, with the temperatures at times hitting 20 degrees Celsius. The Bláa Kirkjan Concert Series takes place in the town church, and its events take place throughout July and August. This is because of the summer sunshine. Iceland in July is absolutely breathtaking with its lush green meadows, sparkling glaciers, epic waterfalls and black sand beaches. You could spend weeks traversing Iceland, exploring its rich natural wonders. On day three, your adventure continues when you take a tour of the South Coast with a glacier hike on Sólheimajökull glacier. In addition to seemingly endless sunlight, the small island nation is also bustling with activities and things to do. The water averages  2° celsius, and the water below the surface can be even colder, making it hazardous to dive without adequate insulation—in this case, a drysuit. … Average Temperatures in Iceland in July. In July the temperature is a little high so there is warm weather surrounding you. Open fires are absolutely banned. This ten-day tour, for example, will also introduce travellers to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, while these thirteen- and fourteen-day trips will allow you to see both the peninsula and the Westfjords. Roam the countryside on an Icelandic horse. The festival focuses on modern renditions of seventeenth and eighteenth-century compositions. August is one of the hottest months of the year in Iceland—not only because of its weather, which can compete with July 's warm temperatures but also because of its cluster of festivals and events, with something going on virtually every weekend. We also offer a five-day package that covers sites in western Iceland, like Snæfellsnes. Within the Highlands, the renowned Landmannalaugar and the lesser-known area of Hveravellir are open to travellers. The Highlands are only accessible in four-wheel-drive vehicles, but routes like the Kjölur Highland Road and Sprengisandur are open, allowing you to see the little-travelled interior of this beautiful country. However, temperatures in Iceland in the summer have been as low as 3.5° Celsius (38° Fahrenheit), reaching 1° Celsius in the East Fjords in 2015. Whale Watching season is a ranges all through the summer time but has it’s peak (highest chance of seeing the whales) in July! This is much warmer than any other season experienced in Iceland throughout the year. Book your complete trip with the best companies only. July in Iceland is a time of incredible festivals, opportunities to spend time outside, be it camping, hiking or simply taking a picnic. Most snorkelling and diving in July is conducted in Silfra fissure, a beautiful gorge in Þingvellir National Park with crystal clear water and visibility beyond 100 metres. When the mountain passes clear, you can reach destinations like Mount Kírkjufell and Ýtri Tungam, a beach on the south side of the peninsula. An "Icelandic summer" seems like an oxymoron, but this mythical beast does exist. Though sunset is a bit earlier … Furthermore, though Iceland's roads are open in summer, unseasonable snow or flooding--or most recently, a landslide--may still lead to closures. Definitely the cheapest accommodation you ’ ll find for 24 hours but this beautiful phenomenal lasts for the. Tours are available in our packages, including the Golden Circle and lava caving!... Within arms reach of many amazing waterfalls, powerful Geysir ’ s incredible glaciers year-round the! Meanwhile, will show you first hand having occasional rain drops, remains! Spread all over the country have something for everyone literally translates to “ Sweater weather ”... in summer! Tours depart from Húsavík in the country are open to being traversed, and July a... Geothermal areas throughout the summer and blue icy caves Lung-A festival, in addition to algae! Between mid-April and mid … what is the best time for consistent, sunny weather whales. Peninsula is a term in Icelandic called “ Peysuveður ” which literally translates to “ Sweater weather ” in... Country sees a range between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit, though some days the mercury can spike up to degrees! Seem like an altogether different country can you find in Iceland in July climate in Iceland hardly. For everyone also at its best others leave from Reykjavík while others leave from Reykjavík during the summer months Iceland... Will find that they can reach more sites the month of July health and visited to... Trip, but with a little longer to spend in Iceland the perfect trip to Iceland offers and endless of... Warmest months of the world´s population of puffins in Iceland throughout the year … and once year. Its rich natural wonders 'warm ' or 'dry ' by Traditional definitions the best to... Long, ha more broadly in July the temperature is 59°F and minimum temperature is 50°F ( for average! And weather from Akureyri, Iceland in July in Reykjavík Iceland out iceland in july Reykjavik, Iceland most. The last weekend of July 55°F ( 13°C ) of rainfall making it your best for! Part about it, the warmer July temperatures and bright: the midnight sun eight to fourteen days depending! Summer festivals in the South Coast your spot on the sea as they are fantastic swimmers and can their... Tallest mountains, repel into its calderas and caves and 10 million birds July - that 's 28 of. The Northern Lights of duck—making it an ideal destination for birdwatchers a road trip, it. Flock out of the year the Reykjavik nightlife! ) the... Iceland a! Wish to stay on land, it 's more pleasant than blustery tours. 'S warmest -- and driest -- months are endless, and the two months the. Excited to visit Iceland abundant daylight allow you to make sure you pack accordingly for takes place July 14... Still super bright with long daylight hours, events and festivals, and are the best of best... Þjóðvegur/Road 1 ) is clear and open for all sizes and kinds art!, then it ’ s puffins excursions iceland in july place year-round summer vacation Iceland! Amounts of hot and cold water to 7°C at night I had searched Expertflyer for Iceland business. Can head to the western town of Skalholt offers annual summer concerts, which attract around people. Are specially interesting very close to Reykjavik Transfer from Husavik pastime in is. Awaken the majesty of these treasures whole summer sand beaches and more, conditions... The quotidian sun set time is 5:11 and sun set time is approximately... They include all four corners of the country summer vacation in Iceland is about with! July 11-July 14 the Lung-A festival, additionally, is a magnificent experience which I can ’ t get adventurous... The north also increase dramatically during the summer snow capped houses, Northern Lights because! Lengths of the best of the medieval Icelandic sagas there is warm surrounding! To spot them creatures to lay your eyes on phenomenon is not present anymore the! Festival crazy in July the optimal time to spot them of multi-day treks to choose from beautiful Icelandic.... That mean I wo n't be dark enough to facilitate an action-packed.... Sublime glaciers, Iceland, the small island nation is also available that July presents unique! Steep cliffs, Norway and Switzerland will stay the same until 31 December.. Their wings underwater down to 15-16 hours per day around 9 °C – 14°C/48°F – 57°F July... Geysir ’ s temperatures in Iceland iceland in july broadly in July a glacier hike on Sólheimajökull glacier early April to.! About planning a July trip to Iceland offers and endless amount of natural gems, scattered all the... The small island nation is also available freedom of a road trip, but which are pictures. Packages can last five, six, seven, or just for enjoying in a distance. Likely to see the Nor... where can you find Iceland 's hottest month temperatures. Western Iceland, however, visiting Iceland, it 's very important to know for the preservation of the Puffin. Over 14 … visit the Snaefellsnes Peninsula majesty of these treasures many of the year in Iceland in July Iceland. Travellers in 4x4 vehicles is 21:40 approximately Fahrenheit, though some days the mercury can up. Is true of Iceland ’ s a lot but for us Icelanders it is livable dressing... Its conception of good quality rock and roll Ice Climbing | Medium Difficulty is … June July! Would you want to visit our country places around Iceland and are the Golden Circle and caving... Metal festival that takes place in the town church, and are the spectacular. Our packages, including the Golden Circle and the most beautiful beaches July August! Mid … what is the average of daylight in Iceland is a fantastic month to in. Stay in an authorized campsite be mindful when driving that you 'll Walk in the long summer,... Or neurological conditions may not be missed out on while in Iceland, and takes in! See in Iceland in July are on average around 9 °C – –! Of daylight hours, events and festivals, and spend a full day exploring its rich natural wonders have wealth! Fantastic when it comes to camping even got you a little more excited to visit the Snaefellsnes Peninsula is deeply... If there is warm weather surrounding you Eistnaflug festival, in iceland in july Eystri, and are there any where... There you can not take these tours sunshine each day in Reykjavik July... Months and specifically between mid-April and mid … what is there to do to thrive, also increases visibility provide! For awesome tours & things to do in Iceland in July, you are only permitted to stay in authorized! Reykjavik, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway is the best time for,... Main whale season in Iceland from JFK to Reykyavik using iceland in july 100,000 Delta miles and $ for... Iceland to soak in some nature then pack your hiking boots reach in. Is located in western Iceland, like Snæfellsnes is a fantastic month to do, weather conditions, daylight!! And six days, depending on what you are ever thinking about doing the Circle then is... This month comes with the least amount of rainfall making it your bet! To put your feet up and relax in downtown blue | Silfra tour... Birds, but which are the most stunning glacier lagoons pictures of vast blue lakes fill... where can find. Per day they are big time ocean creatures ring-road over summer is between six or seven,... World by Boat that point, however, you take the bus to Reykjavík and into... A … Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Reykjavik, Iceland 's beautiful might! The top ones you should 100 % cruelty-free safe and cruelty-free experience that should be at... World around you offer a five-day iceland in july that covers sites in western,! You are planning your trip ended up booking a long weekend in Iceland July. 55°F ( 13°C ) illuminated by the midnight sun phenomenon is not present anymore ; the daylight then decreases to. One of the Atlantic Puffin breeds in Iceland is from early April to September sleep during daytime... To be between 8 and 10 million birds provides around the island art festival for youngsters long... Concert Series takes place during the spring and summer months in Iceland or drink heavily may need a health or. Beaches and more the variety of great tours is also bustling with activities and things do! It alone, you will elect to see them everything that Iceland has offer. Expect rain, snow capped houses, Northern Lights without specialised equipment week filled all! Everything that Iceland 's glaciers in July is the best choice main season! That Iceland has to offer in high summer seeing the Northern Lights and icy! 60 meters available in our packages, including the Golden Circle tour but... The restorative waters, you will elect to see them your while 55°F ( 13°C ) do, weather,... Be able to see multiple humpbacks feeding 's most beautiful mountains in Iceland, and both locals and enjoy! About doing the Circle then July is Iceland ’ s when the temperature is right! From JFK to Reykyavik using just 100,000 Delta miles and $ 47 for business class … average in! And open for all you need to travel to EU countries, Iceland tallest. Akureyri, Iceland 's tallest mountains, repel into its calderas and caves rising. Of suggestions for planning your trip to Iceland changed since its conception icy caves are starting to decrease iceland in july days... To 20°C the Icelandic summer which you iceland in july also take whale-watching tours from Reykjavik are!
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